Choose 100% refurbished electromedical equipment

We sell instruments reconditioned and tested by our team of experts, with a full warranty of up to 12 months after purchase
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Choosing a refurbished product means giving new life to equipment that is functionally as good as new.

Unlike an ordinary second-hand item ‘in good working condition’, our refurbished products have been carefully disassembled, inspected and overhauled, replacing all worn parts and, above all, are reassembled and tested by our specialist technicians.

Last but not least, our refurbished products come with a warranty of at least three months after purchase.

In conclusion, we provide you not only with a product, but above all with technical support. If needed, we will support you.

We provide our technical assistance

All our refurbished instruments are of excellent quality and equal to new in terms of efficiency: a team of technicians performs a rigorous final test protocol to verify complete functionality.

How does the purchase of our refurbisheded products work?
Choose your reconditioned product
You have an extensive catalogue of reconditioned electromedical equipment guaranteed by our specialist team at your disposal.
Order your product
Buy your reconditioned product and await for it to be delivered at your destination. We ship within 1 working day.
Redeem your warranty

With your refurbished product, you receive a warranty valid for up to 12 months.

Why does refurbished products pay off?

Because they are good for the environment.

Choosing a reconditioned item rather than a new instrument means making our small part for the planet, by slowing down the extractive economy of natural resources.
And there are also other advantages for you…

Excellent quality

All our instruments are refurbished with passion and care by our experts, using top-quality spare parts and then subjected to a strict final testing protocol.

100% reliability
You receive not only the instrument of your choice, but also the peace of mind of a guarantee that only a specialised service centre can offer you.
Reduced costs

By choosing a refurbished instrument, you can save up to 60% compared to buying new equipment, but with the same guarantees.