Choose continuous and customised support for your repairs

Choose Surgical Doctor as your electromedical equipment repair partner

We repair the ‘tools of the trade’ of medical specialists and surgeons quickly, using only top-quality spare parts.

Efficiency can make all the difference in the operating theatre. That is why a team of technicians will dedicate themselves to your repairs, applying a rigorous final testing protocol to check that every single machine works as it should.

How do service packages for partners work?

Tell us about your needs
The first thing to do is to contact us, so that we can understand how we can help you with the repair of your electromedical equipment.
Receive an overview of the activities needed
Depending on the repairs to be carried out, we will offer you a customised overview, based on your specific needs.
Manage your repairs
You will always get support from our technicians and receive a warranty of up to 12 months on any repaired product.

Why are support packages convenient?

Relying on Surgical Doctor for your support means counting on a team of experts working to ensure that every surgeon can perform their OR activities to the best of their ability, without interruption.
Excellent quality
We only use top-quality spare parts for our repairs, and each product is subjected to a strict final testing protocol.
We perform quick repairs, ensuring you sure delivery dates for your electromedical equipment.
Reduced costs
By choosing to repair your equipment, you can save up to 70% on your running costs.
Are you interested in a service package?
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