Surgical Doctor is a Benefit Company

We want to contribute to the causes that are closest to our heart.
Improving our working conditions
We offer our employees better working conditions than those established by the National Collective Labour Agreement, providing a company welfare plan, medical insurance, benefits, performance bonuses and an external consultant dedicated to their company training.
We are a Carbon Neutral company
We support the most fragile people, through charities and associations that protect the most needy, and every year more than the previous year, both financially and by offering pro bono work.
We protect natural resources
We are committed to a gradual evolution of our business model towards a climate-neutral economy, in line with European climate neutrality targets and national ecological transition targets.

What is a Benefit Company?

A Benefit Company is an enterprise that, by its corporate charter, must balance profit objectives with objectives of common good, thus creating a positive impact on people and the environment.

By choosing to become a Benefit Company, we have committed ourselves to carrying these values forward over time, believing in a great mission: to strive every day to contribute to a better world, giving more value to employees, customers, the land and the environment.

Our priorities
We believe in a development model that meets the needs of the present generation, without compromising those of future ones.
In social, environmental and economic terms, we make our small contribution to preventing the collapse of our planet’s ecosystem.
We pursue common interests by making our resources available and committing ourselves to the front line.

Why should you rely on a Benefit Company?

We want to contribute to the causes that are closest to our heart.
Choosing a Benefit Company means sharing its vision of the world and a model of society that does not focus exclusively on profit, but is oriented towards generating a positive impact on people, in order to create favourable conditions for social and environmental prosperity, also in perspective.
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We have joined Coalizione and are committed to making our business a climate-neutral economy.

We believe that we can make this planet greener. And we want to do it in the right way.

The best way to spend one’s life is to spend it on something that is worth more than life itself. S.M

Children are our future, and there are still many in the world who struggle every day against hunger and drought.