M5 Straightshot Microdebrider

Medtronic M5 Straightshot Microdebrider 1899200

The Medtronic 1899200 M5 Straightshot Microdebrider is capable of 30,000 RPMs. The M5 features an easy-turn rotation wheel, gearless operation and a new direct-drive motor with straight-through suction. It is cross-compatible with M4 blades and burs.

Surgical Doctor repair consists of evaluating, inspecting and defining the problem. We disassemble, clean interior and remove any contamination. Any faulty components such as motors, worn mechanical and electronic components, wiring, flex boards, sensors, switches are replaced. We replace worn O-rings, bearings, seals, retaining rings, springs, pins, balls, lube as needed. Finally we reassemble, clean device exterior and perform final comprehensive testing to the hand piece.

48hrs turnaround time.

OEM spare parts only.

Loans available on request.

Medtronic M5 Straightshot Microdebrider 1899200-POWER TOOLS PROFESSIONALI Medtronic ELETTROMEDICALI -surgical doctor
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