We deal with most medical devices for OR on the market, even if they are considered “Out of Use”.

Servicing methods:

  • On-Call with cost estimate
  • Framework agreement
  • FULL RISK maintenance contract

On-call service with cost estimate.

A detailed and definitive estimate is given only after the malfunction has been verified in our workshop. As a result only general indications of the repair costs are given based on the brand and model.

All estimates are accompanied by photos of the spare parts, which are either damaged or need replacing, with descriptions and comments.

The warranty on spare parts is at least 3 months and can be extend up to 12 months, covering any malfunction, even if due to improper use or wear.

You can ask for a free estimate by contacting us directly.

Framework agreement

The framework agreement is an agreement in which the applicable general conditions are agreed beforehand whenever corrective maintenance is required.

Costs for each intervention, payment terms, guarantee duration, delivery times and anything else needed are established when defining the proposal.

The general conditions of a framework agreement are always more advantageous than those of an on-the- spot service, not only from an economic point of view, but also functional because it shortens the time required to manage each intervention.

FULL RISK maintenance contract

The FULL RISK maintenance contract is the most protective formula for clients because it provides the restoration of an instrument’s functionality, regardless of the type of malfunction. The FULL RISK maintenance contract provides for corrective maintenance intervention on a malfunctioning instrument for the entire duration of the contract; the repair work is fully included in the stipulated contract, so the spare parts and working hours do not affect the client that made the call, thus allowing to schedule the exact cost of maintenance in the annual budget, without having to confront unexpected and unquantifiable costs.