We use only original spare parts or parts with superior specifications to those of the manufacturers, providing repairs at the right price with the aim of limiting costs while maximizing the quality of our work. Maintenance is carried out exclusively by expert hands with years of experience in the biomedical sector


Few companies have extensive Power Tools Repair Capabilities such as ours to be able to perform everything from minor cleaning and refurbish to complete overhaul. We specialize in repairing power tools no one else wants to touch. Up to 1 year warranty against Faulty Parts and Workmanship.


Full Service Report with every repair including serial number for full traceability. All repairs are tracked in our mgt system providing you with an update or repair history of your equipment. Dedicated to customer satisfaction which remains our primary objective. Our staff is flexible and ready to meet the most demanding customer.

Fast Repairs

Speed is a crucial factor for us because it is fundamental for you. We literally carry out our activity as if the patients’ health depended on us. One-day repairs and weekend services are available on most of the equipment.